Embody sensual Living

Love & embodiment Mentorship

with Danielle Shillam

Creatrix, isn’t it time you harness your divine feminine sexual energy so that you can live embodied in your sensuality and thrive in alignment with your body and your divinity?

Enjoy Your Body and Your Sensuality

Bring More Creativity and Harmony Into Your Life

Invite More Ease and Flow by Aligning with Your Womb & Natural Cycles

Do you desire to embody more of your divinity, pleasure and creative sexual energy?

Work with me to...

🌹 Reclaim Your Body and Sensuality

🌹 Align with Your Womb

🌹 Release Conditioning

🌹 Love Your Shadow

🌹 Amplify Your Creative Life Force Energy

🌹 Expand Your Capacity for Love, Pleasure, Fulfillment

🌹 Feel Comfortable and Confident in Your Body

I offer a unique blend of coaching and multidimensional healing modalities, including the Akashic Records, Holy Fire® Reiki, Sacred Soul Alignment™, light language, shadow work, chakra healing, sound healing, inner child healing, breath activations, womb healing, yoni gems, and advanced sacred light tools.

"Danielle helped me align with my divine essence from within by identifying my blocks and using energy clearing work so that I can enjoy a more sensual and fulfilling life with more passion, creativity, ease, flow, joy and peace. She also helped me map out a plan to continue this way and I have been doing so since. I’m more open and finally able to publicly share my abilities with the world. I highly highly recommend her services! She is such a blessing." ~Darlene, California

Accepting 4 clients for private coaching in a
3-month container

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